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Welcome to AfterAction.Report!

AfterAction.Report is a new web site dedicated to wargame's after action reports. As wargamers, we rewrite history with bloody epic counters fights. Why lose all these What if stories and erase those from our memories?

Why not instead write them down, with pictures, maps, thoughts, weather status, to share and discuss them?

The current release is a brand new beta release. The next releases will permit to:

  • add and maintain your own OCS AARs
  • comment and discuss each and every game turns, choices, failures, successes
  • link to social media by sharing links, comments, etc.
  • open to other games than OCS
  • display a French version
  • ...

New - April, 2017

From any game turn, follow links going directly to other AARs for the very same date... in a parallel world! Enjoy!

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OCS The Blitzkrieg Legend

OCS Case Blue

OCS The Blitzkrieg Legend

OCS Case Blue

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