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Tuesday 5 January 1943, German

Near Kharkov, the IInd Hungarian Corps and the VIII. Armeekorps build the defenses of the Donets River.

The III. Panzerkorps take command on the Oskol of the 3., 7., and 19. Panzer-Divisionen.

The XL. Panzerkorps takes Zimovniki and encircles the 51st Army in Karasnoarmeyskyi!

The 4. Panzerarmee attacks: Sa’alsk is brutally taken.

The XLVIII. Panzerkorps runs southward and the 6. P.D. takes Kropotkin by surprise and the 13. P.D. destroys the XVIIIth Tank Corps while two Panzer Abteilungen (138. and 323.) repulses the 58th Army, capturing a lot of supply!

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