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par Vincent

Tony Bren, from the Consimworld forum on OCS gently wrote an English traduction fro the last day, Saturday, June 1, 1940 :

For most of us whose French is a bit rusty, here is the Google Translation of the final paragraph, with some common sense amendments by me [in square brackets] :

Saturday, June 1, 1940

With a single victory point, two turns from the end of the game, the Germans give up. Allied resistance remains too strong :"

  • the Dutch have been able to delay the German plans,
  • the Belgians remain in control of a large part of their territory, including Antwerp, Brussels, Leuven, Namus and the Dijle,
  • the British suffered few losses and remain a solid, well-reinforced force which solidly supports the Belgians at the center of the [front],
    - the French had the time to fix the main attack on the crossing of the Meuse between Dinant and Charleville and forced it to [retreat] towards the east, avoiding the scythe towards the sea or the capture of Paris.

The Germans lacked bite and aggression from the start of the game. We saw Panzer divisions stop and deploy from the second round in Brabant, [& we saw] the 9th [Pz Divn] surrounded by Dutch cyclists ... In the Ardennes, the attack also lacked intensity, phased exploitation rarely giving rise to deep attacks.

It was towards the end of the game that the Germans, considering that they had nothing more to lose, were more incisive and gave a hard time to the Allies ; but these, in particular the French, [were not] in a surprise situation and found themselves strengthened and equipped to receive frontal attacks, and to counterattack locally.

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