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dimanche 6 juin 2021, par Vincent

> Many german armies can not form area of operations because they are more than 6 hex away -and they will be during the next 2 months as they can not move- from the front.

No need for the army counters (and other counters) to stay inside their own zone of operation ; they may stay behind it without any problem. The problems are coming when units are in other armies’ zone of operation.

> May be we should to have some kind of advantage if the AOK Hq is into the zone of operations ?)

Not sure. The only advantage is to provide more capacity for commanding units.

> When a soviet army does not fulfill the minimum requirements of troops but is already at the front, what do we do with it ? (I proposed the soviet player to rush asap the required units from other sectors if there is a surplus, in the meantime, troops assigned to that army can not make offensive actions).

I agree with the first part of the proposition (rushing units). For the second part, not sure we have to micromanage the action of these 2-3 secondary units.

> It’s worth mentioning that actual command is NOT part of the system at all. Some games have specifics for things like early war Soviet MUFs. (the CB close- together rule)

True. You may add the HR-specific rules saying that the Plijev & Gorskov HQs cannot supply infantry units, or the nationality limitations in TII, CB, and BG.

My concern was these almost useless HQs left in rear areas limited to bridging or flak roles.

My other concern was that a stack of armored Soviet units in ’41 was far more powerful than the ’42 Armored Corps, without any close-together limitation and cheaper to move as part of a 1SP fuel for all in a 10-hex HQ’s radius.

> Even more important the supply quantities provided in the games are fine- tuned in a way that reflects the standard rules. Change would require providing extra supply.

True again, but since the many tests I did, less than previously imagined.
With my home rules, an HQ may still fuel its "own" motorized units PLUS any HQs of the same army it belongs to (Front for the Soviets). You still may have some "jump" steps in your month to avoid spending too much as in the original rules.

From my own experience, I do think you need a little more SP for moving your HQs especially if you need something to do very independently from the bulk of your army.

And you get some advantages :

  • Your game map looks like a real map, with German Panzer units grouped into Armeekorps (motorisiert), without Soviet tank brigades stacked like Panzer-Divisionen, with organized fronts.
  • Thinking and moving HQ by HQ reduces the mental charge on our old brain : you choose an army, you decide the big picture to follow for each of its HQs and you execute it one HQ at the time : "I take the 51. AK who commands these three Infanterie-Divisionen plus these independent units. Then I pass to the next HQ"

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