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1. Command & Control

Tuesday 9 March 2021, by Vincent

1.1. Advantages

  • Makes sure that all HQs are used to conduct troops instead of letting them be used as auxiliary units performing anti-aircraft or bridging tasks.
    Helps during the Movement Phase by limiting the number of choices at each step. This is especially for new players or those wanting to keep better control of OCS games.
  • Reduces the complexity of dealing simultaneously with extenders moves, HQs, units, supply ranges, ZOCs, etc. for a large number of units.
  • Provides OCS with more realism with respect to HQs and the need for them.

Note: What is an Army? This a group of attached HQs. This attachment may be fixed or change during the game.

For the following rule, the Soviets use different terms from the others:

  • Army instead of Corps (the HQs),
  • Front instead of Army (HQ groups).

1.2. Procedure

Besides their normal function, the HQs are now in charge of commanding the units during both movement and combat phases, and the number of units an HQ may command is limited. This limit varies from game to game. The limited units are:

  • Divisions (multi-units formations or not),
  • Soviet infantry brigades,
  • Independent Soviet armored brigades and regiments.

The other units are not limited...

The entire rules is in the PDF file.

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